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Arctic 50L (pre-order)


Ready for your next adventure, your new Arctic 50L backpack is the perfect companion. Doubling as a top loading duffel bag & backpack, long lasting rugged build quality and an all occasion & timeless design make this the ultimate backpack for anyone and everyone!

Extra wide shoulder straps and a supportive waist & chest band will help keep the stress off your shoulders and back to ensure you'll be full of energy for your next adventure.

The only backpack you can take to Starbucks in the morning and out hunting in the afternoon.


  • Backpack & Duffel Bag: the Arctic Adventure doubles as a backpack and duffel bag, perfect for going out hiking & camping, storing large amounts of gear or going to the gym.
  • Breathable System: quickly disperses heat and wicks moisture to keep you cool and dry at all times.
  • Suspension System: Keep your back and posture in good health! Our suspension system releases the burden of a heavy backpack with extra wide chest & shoulder straps.
  • Gear Ropes & Buckles: the perfect way to attach your gear; carabiners, ice axes, hiking poles, tripods, helmets, ropes and many more can be attached for easy transportation and quick use.
  • Advanced Suppression System: equipped with a full suppression system, you'll be able to adjust the pack however you want.
  • Water Resistant: Keep your supplies and gear dry, you never know when that unexpected shower might show up!
  • Premium Build Quality: the best build quality in the business, tough, durable, long lasting, made for the outdoors and excellent quality control make this your ultimate backpack for any and every adventure!


This backpack is allowed as carry-on luggage during flights, the size is within the maximum allowed luggage size of airlines.


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