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rctik Case - iPhone 11 - Waterproof - Rugged - Durable

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Ready for a new rugged phone case? Our new rctik (arctic) cases are some of the toughest, most technologically advanced, premium outdoor cases on the market.

Highly ergonomic and supreme comfort to ensure a flawless, unhindered experience. Top rated by critics, you will be a king of the outdoors with your new rctik case!

Never worry about a water, snow, dirt or sand damaged phone again, the Arctic will ensure the best protection possible. Rated at the highest military standard (MLST - 6.6ft - 1000x) and waterproof at IP68 you won't have to worry about dropping or submerging your phone again.

Exclusive Quicksnap technology ensures that you'll be able to install and uninstall the case within 15 seconds, we all know how annoying removing a case can be!

The advanced UV filter will ensure a glare-free experience, always be able to read your phones screen no matter how bright the sun might be.

Whether you're new to the outdoors or a veteran, the Arctic Case will suit your needs. Engineered for ease of use, we are proud to say the Arctic Case is one of the easiest cases to handle and operate. No fussing with the screen protector, or annoying rainbows on your screen. Just an all-round pleasant experience.

Get your new Arctic Case at a discount, our sale is about to end!

With your purchase of your new Expedition Case you are responsible for helping us plant trees! That's right, we plant trees everyday and your order is responsible for helping us! Official partner with onetreeplanted. org 


    What phones will this work for?

    The arctic case is currently available for:
    iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max

    Is there a warranty on the Arctic Case?

    Yes, we offer a 2 year warranty on the case, if you damage it just send it back and we'll replace it for free!



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